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CIIPA participate in the Unternehmertreffen der saarländischen Automobilindustrie

Today, CIIPA invited Chinese automotive companies to participate in the Unternehmertreffen der saarländischen Automobilindustrie organized by Saaris e.V and Automotive Saarland.

Saarland Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger and Mr. Stephan Schweitzer met our delegation members. CIIPA also sent an invitation to Andreas Rade, Managing Director, Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) e.V. , to welcome VDA to be our scheduled event, 6. Deutsch-Chinesische Automobilkongress, 19-21,Sept. 2022, in Berlin.

My friend and repescted partner Pascal Strobel moderated today's event, introduced Challenges and prospects for the Saarland as an automotive location.

Falk Nüßle, Managing Director thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions; Michael Hoffmann, Managing Director ZF Group Mobility Solutions; Zhang Hui, Vice President, NIO delivered speeches, furthermore Huawei as an important sponsor of the event, held the Final round topic "Mobility" in the Digitalseeds student development programme.

The event, the annual gathering of automotive business communites in Saarland, comes as Ford's decision to stop manufacturing electric vehicles in Saarlouis in the future, which impeding over 6000 job opportunities, is a setback for this region.

However, we also found that Chinese companies including Svolt, Nobo Automotive, Huawei still firmly support investment cooperation with Saarland. They were, are and always will be together with other automotive suppliers, OEMs, research institutes, continue to contribute the continuity of Saarland as an automotive region and, at the same time, to the transition towards new mobility.

Thanks for this great event, in particular to our CIIPA's close and valuable partners Saaris and GwSaar.


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