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CIIPA's visit in North Rhine-Westphalia, June 27th-28th

KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs, in Köln

A courtesy call to our counterpart, constructive conversation with Mr. Michael Josipovic, Geschäftsführer, also winner in 2013 of Chinese Government's Friendship Award (China's highest award for foreigners who have made outstanding contributions) , Ms. Malu Kroeger, Mr. Daniel Lidón.

KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs, As a municipal subsidiary, KölnBusiness are the first point of contact for the business community and for investments.

Duisport & CRCT China Railway Group, in Duisburg

A survey on China-Europe Railway Express and Belt and Road – Understanding logistics vision for Sino-German Cooperation.

Many thanks to Guanzhe Cao, Leiter Asien Desk der duisport-Gruppe; Wen ZHANG, President of CRCT Europe.

The China-Europe Railway Express was launched in 2011 and only 17 trains ran in that year. Till February 2022, the total number of trains launched has exceeded 50,000, carrying over 4.55 million TEUs of goods with a value of US$240 billion, and 78 railway lines to 180 cities in 23 European countries. In Duisburg, the Railway Express has attracted hundreds of logistics enterprises to set up business, creating more than 20,000 jobs; according to German statistics, more than half of the return trips of the Express are fully loaded, mostly with spare parts needed by German automobile enterprises for production in China.

China-Europe Railway Express' success epitomizes Sino-German complementary cooperation to respond with pragmatic and flexible measures to formidable challenges and uncertainties.

Krefeld Business & China-Kompetenzzentrum Stadt Düsseldorf, in Krefeld and Düsseldorf

It was a pleasure to have meetings with our counterparts KREFELD BUSINESS, Mr. Eckart Preen, Ms. Ricarda Stamms and China-Kompetenzzentrum Stadt Düsseldorf Ms. Simone Menshausen, Ms. Qi Xia-Wesp.

we discussed how to better serve investors to scale up their business and deepen cooperations with potential partners in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the near future, we will continue to strengthen communications, integrate resources, in order to promote the development of start-ups and participating in scheduled events in NRW, such as MEDICA - Leading International Trade Fair.

Hochwasser Kompetenz Centrum e. V. (HKC), in Köln

Meeting with Georg Johann, Geschäftsführer of HKC, Philip Meier, Yebo Hu, on the topic of possibilities of setting up a new cross-border investment promotion platform in Low Carbon and Green Development, in order to fulfill the needs of further business cooperations in relevant areas.

Hochwasser Kompetenz Centrum e. V. (HKC) with 169 members, pursues the goal of promoting the state of knowledge in flood protection, among other things through research and development projects. Mission of HKC is that flood and heavy rainfall risk management- Moving forward together towards a safe future in the face of climate change and urbanisation.


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