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Interview for "CIIPA Annual Report 2022" with Wolong Electric Group online

Mr. Pang Xinyuan, Wolong Electric Group Chairman of Wolong Group: Focusing on the main business and moving towards the "highland" of global electric motors.

Wolong was founded in 1984 with only 6 employees, after 38 years' steady development, the group currently has more than 18.000 employees, total assets of 4.9 billion USD in 2019, and annual sales of 5.6 billion USD. The group has 20 first-level subsidiaries with production bases all over the world and a state-level enterprise technology center. It is a leading enterprise in the global motor industry with excellent competitiveness and service capabilities.

The company's market share of high-voltage motors ranks second in the world; the market share of low-voltage motors ranks third in the world.

Since 2011, Wolong has acquired ATB Group of Austria, one of the three biggest motor manufacturers in Europe, SIR of Italy, the top European manufacturer of integrated robot applications, OLI of Italy, the world's largest vibration motor company, and the industrial motor business of General Electric of the US.

A huge "electric motor empire" has been created by Wolong Group.


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