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CIIPA(German) visited Fraunhofer iff with Chinese investors

07.04.2022 Magdeburg

A great visit to Fraunhofer iff. CIIPA with Chinese investors : Ali Cloud, China Mobile, CSCEC, Frasis, Zhongde Metall, CCPIT Guangdong, etc.

Fraunhofer iff: Cutting-Edge Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Research scientists of Fraunhofer iff have been researching such cutting-edge issues as the energy transition, climate change, augmented and virtual reality, safe robot use, digital twins, and artificial intelligence for many years and thus long before they caught on widely. Their clients come to prepare themselves for future challenges and to develop efficient, humane and sustainable solutions. Fraunhofer iff use custom and scalable technologies to bring businesses, whether they be major corporations or SMBs, on board wherever they are on their path to Industrie 4.0. They jointly analyze existing structures, find the right technology, develop the right software, and combine everything in integrated, intelligent solutions. This is how Fraunhofer iff make cutting-edge technology available to SMBs too.

During this short visit, CIIPA and Fraunhofer iff signed a MoU for closer cooperation and better applications of new technologies in business sectors.


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